Mr. Cernyar and his firm did an outstanding job with understanding and handling my case. I'm a veteran of the US Marines of 8 years, and didn't discover that I had a warrant up until a month or so ago. The experience was so stressful for me and my family because we had nowhere else to turn, and was running out of cash very quickly. From the initial consultation on the phone, Mr. Cernyar put me at ease that the situation could be taken care of. Within a day or so he sent me the retainer agreement which explained his fees and payment options. Let me just say that I'm not an educated man, but I do know how to treat people, and I know when someone has a good heart. I would like to personally thank Mr. Cernyar for communicating with me constantly during the process, and for responding to my emails and/or phone calls in a very timely fashion. Thank you!!!! - TJ

Mr. Cernyar was very friendly and complied with his commitments in this case and I would recommend him to friends and relatives. - Robert G.

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Clearing Criminal Records

Sealing Records
Certificates of Rehabilitation
Purging DNA Records

California is one of the more competitive job markets in the country. Having a clear criminal record is important since a criminal record could keep you from a good job or keep you from being accepted into a school. Furthermore, many times you need to clear your record for licensing purposes, i.e. real estate license, teacher's certificate, nursing, medical, attorney, physician, financial etc. Moreover, you may need a clean record for immigration.


Did you know that you don't have to wait for probation to end? You can apply early if all fines are paid and the other conditions of probation are complete.


We have expunged hundreds of cases in California and have a 100% success record.

How do we do it? First and foremost we are a law firm with over ten years of experience.

More importantly, we will research your matter before we submit it to the court. For example, we had one client who used another service and his request was denied because the other service submitted wrong information to the court.

The matter was from 1985 and the information the other service provided was inaccurate. The problem was that the court had misplaced the case file so the other service just submitted anything to earn their fee.

It took us months to locate the correct case file before we resubmitted and got the needed results. And we didn't charge the client any additional fees for the extra work. We figured it wasn't his fault that the court misplaced the information.


We handle California cases throughout the state and military & Federal cases from all over the country. Location is not a barrier for our firm.


There are various rules for various types of convictions. For example, there is a sets of rules for state cases and a set of rules for federal cases. In addition, in state cases there are several types of rules based upon whether the conviction was a juvenile conviction or an adult misdemeanor, an adult felony or an adult wobbler, which is in essence a felony that looks like a misdemeanor. In federal cases misdemeanors and felonies are processed similarly.


California law permits expungement for adult misdemeanors and some adult wobblers, which is to have the conviction withdrawn and the case dismissed. Accordingly, once your matter is expunged you can truthfully answer that you have never been convicted of a crime. That's great news when applying for jobs and/or school. With many schools and employers conducting background checks, an expungement is a great investment.


California law grants Certificate of Rehabilitation for other adult felonies. Once a person receives a Certificate of Rehabilitation, he/she cannot be denied a professional license or a business license based upon that specific felony conviction. Moreover, a Certificate of Rehabilitation is an automatic submission to the Governor of California for a pardon.


Certain juvenile convictions can be sealed. Contrary to popular belief juvenile records are not automatically sealed. Its a process that must be initiated by the defendant when he/she surpasses their 18th birthday.


Approved by voters in 2004, Proposition 69 (Penal Code §295 et seq.) requires individuals convicted of certain crimes to provide DNA samples to law enforcement upon request. More than one million DNA profiles exist in California’s data bank, making it the fourth largest DNA data bank in the world.

Effective January 1, 2009, Proposition 69 requires a DNA sample to be taken from adults arrested for any felony in California. In addition to requiring broad DNA collection, Proposition 69 also provides for “expungement” procedures which allow qualified individuals to have their DNA sample and profile removed from the database.


Federal expungements must go through the Office of the Pardon Attorney of the United States. Expungements of federal records are pardons or executive clemency and are granted by the President. If the conviction is a military conviction then that branch of service must issue clemency before being submitted to the President


Our offices are located in the Union Bank Building on Oceang Boulevard in downtown Long Beach. The address to our office is:

400 Oceangate, Eighth Floor, Long Beach, California 90802.